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"nopCommerce Language Pack Upgrader version 1" which is software for upgrading Language Pack of nopCommerce easily, was opened to the public.

(System Requirements)
-Windows Vista
-Windows .Net Framework 4.0 or above

When you download a compressed file (zip file), please run "setup.exe" in unziped files.
In on-line installation, please click the link for installation.

In Windows, click "control panel" and select "Uninstall "  In the application list, select "nopLangPackUpgrader", right-click it and select "uninstallation of a program."

(How to use)  
1. Open an old version of Language Pack as source by clicking the upper left "Source File Load" button. It will be opened in a left-hand side window.
2. Next, open the newest (English) version by clicking "Destination File Load" button. It will be opened in a right-hand side window.
3. Next, Click the central "Auto Replace" button. It will takes several minutes during string conversion. When string conversion is completed, the changed strings are displayed in light pink background and the unchanged strings are displayed in white background. So edit unchanged strings.
4.If edition is completed, input a language name in upper right "Target Language" by  alphabet (example: Japanese, French, German, etc.).
5.Click the upper right "Save Destination Grid" button and save the edited version in XML file. Be careful not to overwrite the XML file of the original English-language edition.

(Terms of use)

It is downloadable from the following addresses.
Moreover, when using network installation, it can be installed by clicking the following directly.

In network installation, when the version of "nopCommerce Language Pack Upgrader" itself is upgraded, the upgrade is automatically performed after starting.




1. Language DropdownList's layout anchor was bag-fixed
2. Help-Forum Url was changed to multi-lingual site (




1. It bacame possible to save working files. It is convenient to stop and restart edition.
2. Some languages such as Russian,Polish are added to default target languages.
3. Main menu was improved.